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BangSteel uses and recommends STEEL TARGET PAINT (click pic to order)

February 4th, 2017 match results

BangSteel endorses the Atholon Optics line of rifle scopes, spotting scopes, and binoculars.  Forest Newberry uses the Athlon Cronus 4.5 to 29x rifle scope in mil configuration on his APO competition rifle. Outstanding quality and unsurpassed glass performance. Click on the pic below to see the Athlon product line.

OUR NEXT LONG RANGE MATCH IS MAY 27th, 2017.   NEW! Most recent match scores posted at bottom of page.
If you're interested in getting in some practice or sight-in time ahead of the match, please contact us by email for an appointment earlier that week. Also, please note:  If you're planning on meeting the group at the Subway in Bland, VA at 9:15am, please text or call 276-613-6868 the morning of the event.  If we don't get a text, we'll assume you're driving on in to the range. All matches, year round will begin at 10:00 AM. The regular match entry fee is 30 dollars, with cash prizes  or trophy (our choice) awarded based on turnout.  Email with questions...  


Brian Sutphin does it again!  He topped the 308 class in April's match with his factory Savage 10, and he did the same thing in the general class with his factory Savage 260 Remington.  Vortex Gen II Razor optics on both rifles.  Congratulations, Brian.  We're glad to have you on board as an associate instructor.  :)


RALLYING POINT for rifle matches and practice shoots will be the Subway sandwich shop off Bland, Virginia exit number 52 at 9:15am.  Shooters should consider picking up a sandwich for lunch at the event, and/or meeting a bit early for breakfast.  We are meeting at 9:00am, and will depart by 9:15am--so if you're needing to convoy to the match, be at the Subway by 9:00am sharp. IMPORTANT!!  IF YOU ARE PLANNING ON MEETING US AT THE SUBWAY, PLEASE TEXT OR CALL 276-613-6868 AFTER 8:00AM ON MATCH DAY.
We are hosting long range rifle matches every 4 to 6 weeks at our training location in Southwest Virginia.  The fee for entering each match will be 30 dollars, and cash prizes (or trophy, our choice) will be awarded to top shooters in each category. Shooters may enter 2 rifles, a service caliber 308 or 223, and a general class rifle (all other, up to 300 Win Mag). If entering 2 rifles, there is a 10 dollar discount; cost will be 50 dollars total for both.

PLEASE NOTE OUR MOTTO:  THIS AIN'T GOLF!! :) We will shoot in bad weather in most cases.  Moderate snowfall and moderate winds or rain will not generally result in cancellation of the practice or match. If precipitation is expected, bring rain gear, a tarp, an absorbent towel, etc. Please watch this page for updates... if a cancellation is not posted here by 10 PM on the evening before the shoot--we will be shooting!  The practical rifleman should learn to be proficient in all types of weather...

Any center-fire rifle between .223 Remington and 300 Winchester Magnum power levels can enter the match.  Our target bars have taken too much damage from Ultra Mags, Lapua Mags, and such. Not to mention that these big magnums are not typically competitive in this type of shooting anyway.  :o 

We will be designating a service rifle class, 308 Winchester or .223 Remington to be scored separately.  The top scoring service cartridge class shooter for the match will be rewarded prize money based on how close his/her score is to the top score for the match.  If the top shooter for the entire match ends up being a 308 or 223 shooter, that shooter will take match top prize as well as a bonus prize or cash reward. Shooters may enter two rifles in the match, one in each class (a 308 or 223 and a differently chambered rifle in the general class). For shooters who enter two rifles, the match entry fee is reduced to 25 dollars per rifle, or 50 dollars total.

Our long range match courses vary from month to month.  Target placement will vary from 400 to 1100 yards.

Round count will not exceed 50 rounds. The average round count used in a given match is 25 to 30. The better you shoot, the fewer rounds you'll need.

The matches will typically be shot prone, from a rifle-mounted front rest (i.e. bi-pod), with rear bag.  No detached front rests are allowed; this is a *practical riflery* match, and is geared toward using the rifle and other equipment you will have in real world scenarios.  We do not place any wind flags down range--shooters are expected to use other means of determining the wind values they'll be dealing with for each shot.  Bi-pods of the 9 to 13 inch variety are going to work best for you.  The bench-rest type bi-pods which extend to only 9 inches are too short for the longer ranges.  You can use sandbags to elevate the bi-pod feet if needed, however. We may include a stage where you will shoot from a kneeling position, across a barricade or ATV or similar cover.

Shooters who arrive early will have a better choice of what order they shoot in the match.  As a rule, first to arrive will shoot earlier, later arrivals will shoot later.  If you have a pressing need to shoot earlier in the day, please let match directors know when you sign in.

Each shooter will be timed, per stage.  Time allotment will be announced prior to the match. Scoring is primarily based on first round hit counts. If the first round hits the target, that's a score of 100 points. For each additional shot (of up to 5 shots) the shooter requires to hit the target, 10 points will be deducted from the total score for that stage. Additionally, there may be a "rack 'em" target during each stage, where the shooter will be tasked to shoot 5 times at the same target, and each hit will count 20 points (for a possible 100 points on that target). Other scoring scenarios are possible, these will be explained on match day.

The steel targets may range from 6 inch squares to 24 inch squares, and may also include simulated varmint targets, circles, etc. 

Shooters must spot their own missed shots.  However, if the shooter misses three times on a five shot allotted plate, spotters will help with a correction call.

Bring some water and snacks with you! Pick up a sandwich at the Subway in Bland to have for lunch. These matches may end anywhere from 3:00PM to 4:00PM. 

RANGE RENTAL  (as of June 1, 2016)... we do offer range rental time to shooters who have been through at least one day clinic, or who have attended the two day course. Since we have no real way of knowing someone's particular skill level in advance of them attending an instructed and supervised course, we cannot offer range rental sessions to anyone who has not attended at least one course of instruction at our range.  The range is a working 1500 acre cattle farm, with valuable livestock and equipment always down range, so we must insist on taking this precaution.  And by the way... those of us who have served time in the military know better than most that military service alone rarely equips one to responsibly shoot high powered rifles at extreme ranges--so we cannot waive this requirement on such a premise.

For persons who have been approved to rent range time, we will rent from 10:30am until 4:00pm for 300 dollars plus 20 dollars per person in the group.  We MUST have a paid range officer (R/O) present at all times during any range rental session, and targets must be painted and maintained, which requires moving necessary equipment to the site (ATV, tools, paint, etc.). We must have r/o's spotting every shooter for the day to ensure that shots are going into safe areas.  The range rentals will begin at 10:30am and end promptly at 4:00pm.