What does it really take to do this?

Precision and ELR (Extreme Long Range) classes and events now available, steel to 2165 yards

AR-15 classes now available

The rifle in the photo will easily do this kind of work.  Savage 30-06, 20 MOA scope base by Nightforce, Kahntrol Solutions muzzle brake, Leupold VX2 3 to 9 power scope with CDS turret and Wind-Plex reticle, and good ammunition.   Total investment well under 800 dollars. This gun can accurately deliver shots to beyond 1200 yards with the right ammo.


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BangSteel endorses the Athlon line of sporting optics.  Check out their riflescopes, binoculars, and spotting scopes.  The Athlon Cronus is honestly a 2800 dollar scope for a *lot* less money.  We've compared them to the other top riflescopes in common use, and they measure up equal in every way.  See the Athlon product line at AthlonOptics.com

Located in the beautiful mountains of southwestern Virginia, BangSteel Long Range Shooting School provides affordable training for the long range rifleman. We believe that every American should know how to properly handle a rifle at long range. We offer 1000+ yard long range rifle training to men and women, both young and old. We operate on an "old school" mindset--which we'll explain the reasons for during the course.  We remain quite concerned over the proliferation of what we call "cyber-shooting"; the dependence on electronics for long range shot solutions.  We will teach you a faster--and a better way.

Please email for class dates, as we do not publish an event calendar on this site...  When you email, be sure to mention what approximate month and week  you'd like to attend.  Private one day classes for individuals or groups (up to 4 persons) are available if you're willing to schedule Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday...  we can do private 2 day classes for groups of 2 or more...   Private 2 day, 1 person classes are available December through February...

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We are located very near Wytheville, Virginia, where interstates 77 and 81 cross...  nearest airports are Charlotte, NC,  Roanoke, VA,  and Bristol, TN

BangSteel uses and endorses STEEL TARGET PAINT "One Shot Covers The Spot!"

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Come and take a class with us.  It's a very relaxing, enjoyable time in a beautiful location.  A place you'll want to come back to--we promise!

What we "aim" to do at BangSteel is to successfully train long range riflemen for "real world" scenarios, equipping them with a basic working knowledge of what they need--and just as importantly, what they don't need--to reliably hit their mark at long range.  While many schools and the philosophies behind those schools have an unrealistic emphasis on role playing and equipment fetishes, we do things quite differently.  We want to reach those "19 out of 20" riflemen who are left on the sidelines by the high prices of most shooting schools--not even to mention the cost of the equipment they apparently think you need.

The long range, well placed rifle shot...  in truth, it is elusive to most riflemen. 

How many times have you had to pass up an opportunity in the hunting fields because you were not confident that you could make a good long range shot?  It's not that your rifle wouldn't do the job--it's simply that you wisely knew your limitations, and you chose not to shoot.

But what if you could learn how to use the rifle and scope you likely already have to connect at long range on "kill zone" sized targets?  Perhaps that trophy buck wouldn't elude you next time... or that coyote at 650 yards wouldn't walk away from a "Hail Mary" shot unscathed, when you tried to use hold-over to take him out.

We do not advocate taking long range shots on game unless and until you have the knowledge that will allow you to humanely do so--which means the likelihood of a miss or worse yet an ill placed shot is extremely low.  In order to attain this knowledge, you need to be trained properly.  You need good and useful and practical information--unadulterated by nonsense. 

Learning the limitations of your rifle and your load--as well as your own personal limitations--is paramount.  But you can extend those limitations to ranges far beyond what you may think possible. All you need is the right skill set.

There are plenty of good long range rifle schools out there, and I won't dissuade you from choosing any particular school you may wish--but will mention this caveat:  Many schools you will find are primarily in the business of selling equipment or modifications to equipment, and naturally these schools will cast a jaundiced eye toward the notion that you can successfully engage targets at 1000 yards with a rifle you may have purchased at Walmart.  Likely as not, they'll have a pedigreed guru of one stripe or another to tell you as much.  But I'm here to tell you--and perhaps teach you (if I'm privileged to have you as a student) that it is indeed possible to use the rifle and scope that you may already have to make long range shots that you might never have dreamed possible.

Naturally, we do encourage riflemen to purchase and maintain the best equipment they can reasonably afford.  That said, if we are to believe the mantra often espoused by "tactical" oriented instructors and enthusiasts, we need a cool five grand or more invested in our rifle and scope before we can reasonably hope to hit 1000 yard targets.  And this simply isn't true. See again the rifle mentioned above.  During a phone consultion, we can advise you on assembling a long range rifle package for 800 dollars or even less in some cases.  See the "equipment consultation" phone call option on the Equipment Needs page.

To CONTACT US please email bangsteel@fastmail.com (if you get no response within 12 hours, please copy your email to forestnewberry243@icloud.com )

If you are unable to reach us by email, or if you'd like one of us to call you to help answer questions, please leave us a text or voice mail at 276-613-6868 and we'll call you back.  Before you call, please know that we don't rent range time, we offer long range shooting classes only, with prices posted on the "course outline and pricing" page.

BangSteel Long Range Rifle School

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