We are hosting long range shooting matches on multiple dates throughout the year.  Dates and other info about our shooting matches can be found on our Facebook page (you don't need a Facebook account to see our Facebook page).  Our matches are subject to re-scheduling if weather is not agreeable, so be sure to check with us the Wednesday prior if you plan on attending.  See our Facebook page linked below, or search "BangSteel" on Facebook.

Match format is typically prone, shooting steel out to 1200 yards.  Format of team matches may involve shooting from supported positions such as over a truck hood, from inside the open truck door, etc.  Contact Forest Newberry at forestnewberry243@icloud.com for more match info.

Watch this page for Advanced Class offerings coming up

We are offering Precision Rifle Training (PRS  training) classes, year 'round.  This course involves shooting in supported fire positions of various configurations at ranges out to 1000 yards.  Email forestnewberry243@icloud.com or text 276-613-3410 for details and bookings.

An alternate email to reach us at in the event you don't receive a response within 24 hours is therealbangsteel@aol.com


phone 276-613-3410

Advanced Course:   Field Planner  (book as a private advanced class) ...

This class will be offered to BangSteel alumni, and selected other freedom minded individuals who may apply for approval.  This is not a beginner's class.  Any who wish to apply for acceptance to this class should be proficient with their rifles, understand the fundamentals of long range shooting, and be able to exhibit leadership skills which would be needed in the future application of skills learned in this course.

The field planner will be an individual who will be able to construct range cards for a given area for the benefit of himself, and for the benefit of others who may need his help. For situations where there are no accessible electronics to help with the plotting of yardage sectors, the field planner will have the ability to bring a number of riflemen to usefulness by teaching them how to learn the distances to various points on the field of fire, and also by showing those same riflemen how to construct a trajectory chart for their own rifles (even hunting rifles, yes).

Applicants should be comfortable working without electronic assistance for the layout of range cards and trajectory tables. This means no cell phones, no computers (other than a stand-alone calculator), and no laser rangefinders. We will show you how to do this for yourself, and for others who may need your help.

We will teach reticle ranging of targets of known size in this course.  There *is* a viable use for reticle ranging of targets for the field planner (and it's not what you might have been taught previously).

We will cover proper notebook format, and what sorts of information you will need to make notes of.

Teams of 2 to 3 individuals will embark on 2 days of sector charting, creating accurate range cards for a given amount of acreage and proving those cards with live fire exercises.

Why are we offering this course?  We remain concerned that the dependence on electronically derived shot solutions will leave the majority of today's long range shooters ineffective if times come when electronics are lost, or otherwise rendered useless.  While we all hope such days don't come, we ought to be ready for them. Many good riflemen who have developed a dependence on electronics can be brought up to speed with the right help. The kind of help they'll need is exactly what you'll be adding to your skill set in this course.

Real world targets rarely have well defined and known dimensions--so reticle ranging targets just prior to the shot for critical shot scenarios is never a good idea. You will learn a better way to know the range to the targets in your coverage area.

Clients will bring good notebooks, and *must* be willing to take notes and make drawings which can be understood by others who may need to copy and understand those notes and drawings.

Equipment will include your rifle (and a back up rifle/scope is a good idea), and 180 to 200 rounds of ammunition from the same lot number (if possible). A compass, binoculars, and a spotting scope will be useful. Handloads are fine, if pre-approved by our staff.

The cost of this course is 500 dollars, all included. If you come alone, we will team you up with at least one other shooter for the duration of the course.

If you are interested in attending this course please email us at bangsteel@fastmail.com and be sure to copy your email to forestnewberry243@icloud.com