Next Range Day and Match will be July 19th and 20th... Watch this page for any updates. Swap meet both days. Trophies awarded to 1st, 2nd, 3rd place and Top 308

The match entry fee is now 60 dollars, Range Day is still 80 dollars. We meet at 10:00am at the Subway in Bland for Range Day and Match. If you know your way to the range, you can head on up without meeting us at the Subway.

Watch this page and our Facebook page in case we need to re-schedule events due to bad weather.

Range Day is 80 dollars, and you'll be able to shoot steel out to 1200 yards. If you want to shoot beyond 1200 yards, there is an extra 20 dollar charge. We will spot for you, construct a drop chart for your rifle and load, and help you locate the targets. We normally finish the day by 3:30pm.

The Match is shot from the prone position, to ranges between 400 and 1200 yards. Round count is 42 to 50 rounds (it can vary from one match to the next). Trophy plaques are awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place general class shooters, and a "Top 308" plaque is awarded to the best 308 shooter in the group. The price to shoot in the match is 60 dollars, or you can enter both a general class rifle and a 308 class rifle for 100 dollars.

A secure email for us is  Please make a note of that in the event that our other email servers go down.

For both Range Day and Match Day we meet at 10:00am at the Subway sandwich shop in Bland, VA.

GPS to the Subway is 8285 S Scenic hwy 24315

Note: For range days, depending on weather, we may not be able to see the 2165 yard target, so please keep that in mind if you were planning to shoot the ELR portion of the range day...  for both range day and match day, please bring a pop up tent (canopy) for shade and shelter, if you have one. If rain is in the forecast be sure to bring proper gear (coat, umbrella, etc)... on rainy days, if you have a 4 wheel drive vehicle, please bring it, as the hill can be wet and slick in places. If you don't have a 4x4, we'll get you up the hill on one of our trucks.

We have a 20 x 25 foot shelter on site. You may still want to bring along a canopy tent for a shady or dry spot to set up a personal area behind the firing line.

(Next Mentor Match dates to be announced)... Mentor Match details:  Meeting time for both days of the Mentor Match is 10:00am at the Subway sandwich shop in Bland, VA... GPS is 8285 S Scenic hwy 24315

We are happy to announce our Mentor Match format. This is not your ordinary long range rifle match. This match is for the beginners--who may have never shot past 100 yards--and the pros, who will be helping the new shooters through the course.

We want new shooters to feel totally at ease for the duration of the two days. New shooters will bring the best rifle and scope they have, regardless of perceived quality. Our pros will get you long range hits--we promise! You'll be taught by seasoned long range shooters and you'll be learning a lot, not only from your immediate team member, but from others in the group. For the new shooters, you're competing only against yourself; you're seeing how well you do. No one is judging; we ALL started out somewhere. This isn't about flexing egos--it's about fellowship and learning and meeting like-minded American riflemen.

ROUND COUNT: You should plan on bringing no less than 150 rounds. If you're shooting an AR-15 or other semi-auto, bring 200 rounds. Yes, you can shoot this match with the AR-15 if you wish. Bring the heaviest bullets your rifle will shoot well, of the best quality you can find and purchase.
The "feel" of the entire event will be relaxed and enjoyable. "Laid-back" you might say. We trust that you will all enjoy the time of fellowship. We're calling this event the Fellowship of the Rifle. We hope that new friendships and alliances will be formed over the two days we'll all be together.

PLEASE, NO ALCOHOL! We're beer and whiskey drinkers ourselves, so we're not casting shade on imbibing at all--but where firearms are involved it's good sense to stick with water and soda and such.

Bring gun related items you might wish to sell or trade, like riflescopes, bipods, ammo, reloading components and such. You might find a new home for some things you're not using, and you may find some items that you can use.

We'll have some grills ready to cook burgers and hotdogs on Friday evening. If you'd like to bring something to grill (and if you'd like to bring an extra grill for that matter) please feel free to do that. There will likely be more food than we'll be able to eat, so if you don't bring anything at all you'll be well fed, we're sure. [🙂]
On Saturday, we're having a catered meal delivered to us on the hill. The cost of the food is covered in your entry fee for the match.

For the new shooter, the cost of the weekend is only 200 dollars (this is half the price you'd pay for a weekend class).
For the mentor, the cost is only 100 dollars which helps us cover expenses and keep the lease paid. [🙂]
If you'd like to participate, email and let us know. We'll be expecting you!
IMPORTANT: Watch the "bulletin" page at for updates and additional info on this match. We'll publish meeting times and places on the bulletin page. And of course, feel free to email with any questions about the match.

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We have added two ELR (Extreme Long Range) targets. A 36" steel plate at 1700 yards, and a 42" plate at 2165 yards. See the "21 Club" t-shirt at the Teespring store (be sure to check out the back of the shirt). There is an extra charge for engaging these targets.

There is no need to wear the corona-virus mask when working with us. None of that nonsense is being enforced in our part of Thomas Jefferson's Virginia. :)  The virus was 99% political hoax (and we called that long ago on our March 9th 2020 podcast, if you want to go back and listen)...  ;)


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