Are you one of literally hundreds of thousands of Americans who have purchased an AR-15 rifle in the last dozen years or so? Do you know how to use it--I mean really use it?

If you own an AR-15 style rifle and you've not yet learned how to take it apart, properly clean and lubricate it, and of course how to operate it--then you NEED THIS CLASS!

In the Introduction to the AR-15 class, we will begin by teaching you how the rifle works, how to take it apart for maintenance, and quite importantly how to reassemble it for proper functioning.

Then we will cover ammunition options for your rifle, as well as scope and scope mount (or sight and sight mount) options. You will learn how to load the rifle, how to safely unload it, magazine insertion and extraction, sling or lanyard options for carrying the rifle, how to case and store the rifle properly, as well as modifications available to make your AR-15 more user-friendly for you.

And naturally, we will have a reality-based course of fire which you will move through. Targets from as close as 25 yards to as far away as 300 yards. Depending on your rifle you may engage targets as far away as 400 yards. This course is for common and practical AR-15 rifles and their use. We believe that most work should be done between 50 and 300 yards. You will shoot from free-holding positions to supported positions (barricade, hood of vehicle) and prone (for the longer shots).

If you believe this class would be something you could benefit from we would be glad to have you with us for a 2 day (Friday and Saturday) weekend. The cost of this specialized weekend class is the same as our regular long range classes, currently 400 dollars total for both days, all included.

You can also book the Introduction to the AR-15 class as a PRIVATE class--email for details.

You can email us at to find out when the next weekend AR-15 class is scheduled. We appreciate your interest!

phone 276-613-3410