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Day Clinics...

Our very popular "Bolt Action 101" class can be booked as a private day clinic for up to 4 people.  This is a "starter" course for those who want to become proficient with a bold action rifle.  Targets will be engaged out to approximately 900 yards in the BA101 class.  All basics are covered.

Many shooters may want to avail themselves of our "day clinics," where you'll spend a day (about 6 hours) getting plenty of range time and plenty of helpful instruction in long range shooting.  Day clinics do not include classroom information, but a fair amount of useful info will be shared throughout the day as shooters engage targets out to 1200 yards (for rifles capable of that range). The actual length of the day clinic will depend on the number of shooters participating. 

If a two day course is just too much for your busy schedule, and you'd like to simply take a day and get some long range shooting basics under your belt, the day clinic may be just what you're after.

On a typical private day clinic, you'll learn:

Riflery basics for prone shooting

Proper scope set up and adjustment

Proper use of the rifle scope

Wind estimation and calculation

Trajectory charting

And a lot more...

For PRS rifle training classes please email or text 276-613-3410

For the typical day clinic, you will get a trajectory table for your rifle and load for ranges out to 1200 yards, and you will hit targets to 1000 yards, minimum.

Day clinics are scheduled as "private only," so you'll need to schedule your own class, and decide how many others you would like to include in it (no more than 4 per class, please). During the private day clinic, your group will get plenty of range time, and plenty of personal attention.  And you'll be hitting the plates from closer ranges out to 1000 yards, using your own knowledge as to how to do so by the end of the day--we promise. :)

For the day clinic you'll need  60 to 80 rounds of ammunition, and you'll want to be sure you can shoot a 100 yard group as close to MOA (minute of angle) as possible... that's about a one inch group, by the way.  Many rifles out there can easily do it.  For hunting weight rifles, a three shot group is sufficient.

We hold private day clinics during the Monday through Wednesday portion of the week.

For a 1 person private day clinic, the rate is 360 dollars for the day.  For 2 persons, it's 300 dollars each... for 3 persons the rate is 260 each... and for 4 persons, 240 dollars... (we prefer to keep day clinics to 4 persons or less).

Private 2 day classes are an option for groups of 2 to 4 people.  (We can do a private 2 day class for 1 person December through February).  The rate is double what the 1 day class would be.

Email us to arrange a class, or with general questions...  You should receive a reply within 1 business day.  If you don't, please re-send your email, or copy to

If you'd like one of us to call you, please text or call 276-613-6868 or 276-613-3410 and we'll get in touch by phone.  Before you call, please know that we don't rent range time, we offer long range shooting classes only.