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Handgun Training Classes

Handgun training classes.  Not tacti-cool.  Not looking for "zombies"... not runnin' and gunnin' but standing your ground. If you want straight-forward training on how to use the handgun you carry for personal defense, or the gun you keep within quick reach in your home or car, this is your class.  This is basic, no nonsense practical safety and use training for your handgun.  If you own a handgun and have had no formal training in how to maintain and safely use the gun, you need to be trained.  Simply owning a handgun is not enough. Movies are fantasy. Online videos are not enough.

Get some quality, hands-on training.  It could save your life, and/or the lives of those you love. 

In the basic handgun class you will be shown how to safely store your handgun (and this does not always mean in the unloaded condition), how to clean and lubricate your handgun, and very importantly how to hit what you're shooting at.   You'll need 100 to 150 rounds of ammo for the day, your handgun, hearing and eye protection, and the proper attitude to learn.

The price for this class depends on the number of individuals in your group.  For one-on-one training, it is 220 dollars for the 2 to 3 hour session.  If there are 2 in your group, the price is 180 each, or for 3 or more the price is 160 dollars each.

If you're interested in booking a class email and copy your email to   It is also fine to call for info at 276-613-3410