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Winter scheduling...

Due to changing weather conditions during the December through February part of the year, we are not scheduling classes too far in advance.  We're going to schedule classes on a 10 day or less advance notice.

This means that you'll need to look at the 10 day weather forecast for zip code 24315 and see how things are looking *before* you email to book your class.

Once we've determined that the 10 day weather forecast looks tolerable for good learning, we'll put your class on the calendar.   Then, about 48 hours ahead of the class we will communicate and decide whether the class is still a "go" or if it will need to be rescheduled. You can choose to reschedule the class, or we may choose to do so.

The venues we are working at often require 4x4 vehicles to access.  While we can work in bad weather once on site, getting up the hills to the sites can be an issue in certain weather conditions.

So again, for the December through February part of the year, we will book calendar time no sooner than 10 days ahead of the dates you have chosen.  Please make a note of this if you're wanting to book class time over this period.